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Easing out of Lockdown when you are Clinically Vulnerable or have Anxiety

Updated: May 20, 2021

The past 14 months has been very hard on all of us, it has challenged us all in so many ways. Some people have lost their jobs, others have been furloughed for long periods of time. Many people have had to worry about childcare, support bubbles and when it is safe to see loved ones again. Many people live alone and have been very isolated. For older people and those on the Severely Clinically Vulnerable register there has been additional worry about the fact that getting Covid-19 would likely mean hospitalisation and possibly death.

As an Individual on the Severely Clinically Vulnerable list, I have been working from home providing telephone counselling to clients wondering when I will be able to leave my own four walls again and return to some semblance of normality. Up until recently I have not been food shopping, I have not gone out anywhere except for a walk or for a medical appointment.

So for me, I've had two vaccines and they are now both fully in my system. So I've had to decide what I am comfortable with doing within the current rules and regulations and what I am still unable to do. That is a question many people are facing who have been as reclusive as I have for so long. I have of course developed some level of anxiety over this. I fortunately don't suffer from an anxiety disorder but feel that it must be so hard for those that do.

I feel that everyone as individuals needs to plan what they feel comfortable with and take one step at a time as the rules change. It may help some people to gently push against their comfort zones and maybe go for a much needed hair cut first thing in the morning when there will be less people at the salon or maybe walk past their local restaurant outdoor eating area and see how they feel about that before they book in to eat there. Sometimes talking about it with those we care about or taking a period of time to consider all the different things that will bring us joy and the things that may bring us further stress and anxiety. We can then weigh them up and decide what works for us. I wish you all a happy time easing out of lockdown at your own pace.

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