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Relaxing by the Water

About The Therapy Style I Practice

I trained at Liverpool John Moores University and obtained the qualification PGDip (Post Grduate Diploma) in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice.


My training was primarily in Person Centred Therapy. This is a form of talking therapy with the individual being the expert in themselves.


We would spend some time getting to know each other, once you felt comfortable talking to me we would begin to explore what is going on for you now as well as potentially looking into your past.


You as the client would lead the therapy direction with me alongside you to repeat back key words and phrases to you so that you really hear what you have said and you can let me know if I have heard you correctly. I may offer gentle challenges when you say something that is contradictory so that you can learn to truly understand yourself. 

I also like to work using relaxation techniques with clients, particularly those with anxiety so that they can use these practices at home as well as within therapy to make themselves feel a bit less anxious in their everyday lives. 

I am also a fully trained Hypnotherapist and can use this style of therapy alongside your counselling sessions or as a stand-alone therapy.

I offer both short term interventions of 2-6 sessions as well as providing longer term therapy. We can discuss your requirements in your first session. We will also have regular reviews of your therapy to ensure that your therapy is moving forwards in a way that is productive for you.

If this sounds like it would work for you as a therapy style I would be very happy to work with you.  

Anxiety Depression Grief, Psychotherapy Counselling

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