Relaxing by the Water

About me

Life has not always been kind to me. I have suferred loss and trauma in my life and have had to come to terms with having an Autoimmune Disease - Rheumatoid Artritis.

Along the way I have managed to stay strong when I needed to and was not afraid to seek support with my own counselling when I have needed a helping hand.

I have worked in adult Learning Disability and Mental Health Services for the past 10 years alongside my journey to become a counsellor and help those needing emotional support.

I feel a need to be there for individuals, no matter who they are and what they come to see me to talk about. I am kind, empathic and non-judgemental. I hope to get to meet you soon and help you work through your own mental pain in a way that works for you and a time scale that works for you.

Anxiety Depression Grief, Psychotherapy Counselling