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Added Covid Safety Measures - Masks and Cancelling of Relaxation Sessions For Now

Sadly Covid-19 numbers have risen dramatically in recent times. I am severely clinically vulnerable so need to take extra precautions.

Following guidance from the BACP I have decided that after the Relaxation session on Wednesday 21 July 2021 Relaxation Sessions will cease until Covid numbers have dropped significantly. I am sorry to those that love the sessions.

I am also from Thursday 22 July 2021 going to make mask wearing in therapy sessions mandatory unless you have a medical or mental health reason for wishing to go without a mask. Fabric masks are ok if you prefer them, I will have medical masks available if you need them. If you have not had two vaccines I will be asking if you have had a recent Covid test, either a Lateral Flow test (LFT) or a PCR test.

If you want to order some quick arriving LFT's the link is:

I will also be offering telephone counselling at the reduced rate of £35 per session if you feel you would prefer that during this time.

I appreciate you all complying with these measures to keep both you and I safe during this time. Hopefully this difficult time will be over soon.

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