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Frequently Asked Questions

Anxiety Depression Grief, Psychotherapy Counselling

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What is counselling?

Counselling is a safe, non-judgemental space for you to discuss your thoughts and feelings safely and confidentially. I want you to feel able to be honest whilst comfortable and confident in our sessions.

Is Vickey Maddrell Fully Qualified to offer Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Vickey Maddrell has achieved an MSc Founcations of Clinical Psychology (Masters Degree), PGDip Counselling and Psychotherapy (Post-graduate Diploma), DipHypCS in Hypnotherapy. Vickey is fully qualified and experienced in providing both Counselling and Psychotherapy. Please check on the BACP and Hypnotherapy Society websites to confirm her registrations.

What can I expect from Therapy?

Therapy/Counselling/Psychotherapy is a place where you can talk about anything you want to. I will gently reflect back what you have told me if it is something I feel you need to have highlighted back to you.


I may also challenge what you say to me, this will further enable you to get a more thorough understanding of your problem. This will always be gentle unless you have requested you are to be strongly challenged.

Why is Counselling different from talking to friends and/or family?

As a therapist I am trained to listen very carefully to everything you say to me. I will not be judgemental, shocked or upset by something you tell me. Therapy is a safe space for you to be able to say anything without worry that it may be taken the wrong way or upset me.

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